So passionate about your curly hair ? Are you looking for healthy ways to take care of your treasure ? We proudly believe that curly hair is one of the most Special styles and it can be made in simple ways , We are very excited and motivated to share everything with you about curly hair articles.

When we enter in this curly world will come across various abbreviations and new words like cg ( CURLY GIRL METHOD ) , cgm, fsg, sotc, HAIR TYPES, hair porosity, etc. etc. Well in the beginning it will be really confusing and overwhelming because we have never used this or heard this type of terms. But it is not necessary to understand everything right in the beginning. Take baby steps  So let me make it simple for you guys with these curly hair articles .

A person with curly hair knows that it can be a blessing and curse at the same time. Unruly, messy, frizzy, dry these terms are often used for curly/textured hair. And taming them can be pain in the ass just like to wash curly hair. Before starting CG METHOD I had a habit of WASHING MY HAIR every day or every other day, water was the only product which can tame and make it look manageable.

How to style curly hair is super important in your routine. More than products one should actually focus on STYLING TIPS. And once you figure out a perfect styling routine stick to it and you’ll see your hair will rock no matter what products you are using. There are different STYLING TECHNIQUES in the CURLY GIRL METHOD created by different people.

When you start your healthy hair journey, You’ll need to know curly hair essentials or you won’t realize significance of little details that comes with CG package and if you are like me you won’t believe certain things which are way too important in our healthy hair journey. You might not even want to come out of your “comfort zone”. 

Hey there! Yes you beautiful, if you are new here than head over to the first article for CURLY HAIR ESSENTIALS so that you’ll get the basic understanding of this topic. I’ll list out the topics here though so if you are still here you might get tempted to read the first four points first.

Sometimes i really feel that i should just start writing the remedies that you are here for. I actually do that whenever i read something, i directly skipping to the point of my interest. But i realize that i was doing a mistake by not reading it entirely, sometimes a small detail or small point of that article is more meaningful and helpful to me then the entire content so from that day onwards i started reading the article thoroughly and you should read how to GROW LONG CURLY HAIR properly too ! 

Many girls have asked me about secrete behind defined voluminous curls. But before jumping into MORE VOLUME FOR CURLY HAIR  lets first see factors which affects your volume. There are several factors behind your flat roots and less volume. Let’s have a look at it first.