Curly Hair Essentials Part 1

Curly Hair Essentials Part 1

By Urvi Babaria

When you start your healthy hair journey, You’ll need to know curly hair essentials or you won’t realize significance of little details that comes with cg package and if you are like me you won’t believe certain things which are way too important in our healthy hair journey. You might not even want to come out of your “comfort zone”. You will feel exhausting and irritating sometimes if this process does not give you instant desired results. Although you might have read, “it takes time”, “Patience is the key”, “trust the process”, Etc. You still have your doubts and that is because you don’t pay attention to little things that you read and watch. Things like “sleeping in satin/silk pillowcase”, “use cotton t shirt/microfiber towel”, “don’t touch your hair while it’s drying”, “don’t touch your comb once your hair is dry” etc. You will learn all this things right in the beginning but you’ll be caught up in fancy products and techniques and porosity and hair types that you might ignore these little things about curly hair essentials. Well I did too 😉

How I know all this? I have been in this situation before and I was heartbroken when a super expensive product doesn’t give me the results that I wanted or doesn’t last long for even day 2. My hair remained dry and frizzy. I had to tie them up in a bun or pony tail the other day itself. Some of you might find it familiar. But if it’s not… Well still keep reading 😉

Why CG was not working for me? I was really not paying attention to these little details and not even gathering more information myself related to my hair type. If you have read my article on “KNOW YOUR HAIR TYPE FIRST” then you know that different hair types has different needs but certain things are common for every hair type. Even if you are low porosity or high, certain things are common for all curly/textured hair girl and boy and that can also help you to know how to Style Curly Hair.

So let’s have a look at these “Curly hair ESSENTIALS” shall we? (Some of you might be familiar with this):

  1. Use satin/silk while you are sleeping.
  2. Use microfiber towels or cotton/t-shirt instead of regular/terry cotton towels.
  3. Deep condition once a week (strictly for newbies).
  4. Use heat for deep conditioning.
  5. Use wide tooth combs to detangle.
  6. Use Satin scrunchy/ invisibobble (wired rubber bands).
  7. Use Diffuser dryer (with cool settings)
  8. Use Root clips/ Root picker for volume
  9. Spray water bottle (for refresh)
  10. Curly hair products


When I started my journey I did not know the significance of satin/silk on natural textured hair and why it is so important. I was like, “common it’s just a pillow case what harm can cotton do to our hair”? Right? I slept for 25 years on cotton and my hair has not shade because of it. What harm can it do now? I neglected it for 6 months and I was wondering what is wrong with my hair 😛  Well let me tell you what is wrong.

  • Why cotton pillowcase is bad for hair and skin?

Cotton feels great on skin but at night we spent 6-7 hours on it (constantly), so all the moisture (oils) which we have applied on our hair and skin get sucked by the cotton fabrics. Cotton fibers are rough and it does not allow your hair to glide on it as a result your hair will get more tangled and dry. This leads to breakage and frizz. And you’ll wake up looking like hagrid 😉 (He’s one of my favorite characters though) So cotton pillowcases are harmful especially for dry curly hair. And the same goes with skin too cotton absorbs moisture from your skin too. If you are using night creams and sleeping on your cotton pillow than half of your product will be absorbed by your sleeping buddy (I mean pillow) and you won’t get your desired results.

  • What difference silk/satin pillow case will make?

Silk/satin absorbs way less than cotton, which helps in retaining moisture for both curls and your skin. It helps in reducing frizz and even helps you curls to glide on it hence no breakage. It even helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. It even reduces signs of ageing. Now what more can u ask for right 😉 silk pillowcases are not only good for textured hair types, now that you know its effect on your skin and hair do tell your straight hair friends too.

  • Options for silk/satin pillowcase :

I know silk/satin pillow cases can be costly so here are some affordable options you can use instead:

  1. The best and most affordable option is stitch your own silk/satin pillow cover using a piece of fabric.
  2. You can even use satin scarf instead or an old silk nighty if you have, just spread it on your pillow and you are good to go.
  3. Satin or silk bonnet can also be used or you can stitch your own bonnet at home.
  4. Satin hair buffs are also available in the market which is helpful if you have long curly hair.
  5. Warp your satin scarf at night over your pineapple.
  6. Or you can just spread a silk/satin piece of fabric on your pillow case.


Ahh! I did start using this right way. So you should too. Use a pure cotton t-shirt if you are just starting. And there are so many curl companies too which manufactures pure microfiber towels especially for curly hair.

  • Why normal towels are bad for curly hair?

It’s not just bad its worst. They absorb lot of moisture it’s good for skin but not for curly hair. Moisture is food of curly hair and this baddy can suck it all. And on top of it, it creates lots of frizz and dries out hair more. We usually have a habit of rubbing our hair with a towel and when our hair is wet there are chances that our cuticles are open and cotton towels creates more friction will leads to breakage too. So it’s not advisable to use cotton/regular towels to dry curly hair.

  • Why microfiber towels are better to dry curly hair?

Microfiber towels are very gentle compared to regular towels. They are much softer hence it causes less friction when used on wet hair. It even absorbs less moisture, leaving the perfect amount of moisture in our curls. It reduces frizz and breakage too.

It helps in reducing our drying time. We can even plop our hair using this. And another option to microfiber towels is a cotton t-shirt (as microfiber towels can be costly) so you can use your old cotton t-shirt to absorb all the extra water and Product from your hair and that won’t create any frizz. T-shirts are best for plopping. Use t-shirt to scrunch at the end to enhance your curl pattern.


So newbies who are reading this, want quick results? Then start doing it right away. Yes I am serious about this. Nothing-nothing works better than a good deep conditioner on Curly hair. Even if you have damaged-dry-frizzy hair this can improve your hair health and boost your process. You can mark my words just like shampoo and conditioner is inevitable so is this. The goal of curly girl should be GETTING HEALTHY HAIR and this is the KEY to gorgeous healthy hair.

  • Why deep conditioners are so important?

Our hair suffers from regular damage Sun damage, heat damage, damage form hard water, chlorine damage, damage through dry combing, etc.  We are mostly unaware of these damages but they do affect our hair stresses and as a result our hair gets frizzy, dry and breaks easily. We all love beautiful, defined, frizz free, healthy hair don’t we? But we all feel lazy when it’s time to take some action. And that time is your deep conditioning sessions. Deep conditioners are formulated to repair your damaged tresses from inside; it hydrates our locks and keeps them moisturized for long duration. It gives strength and increases your hair’s elasticity hence it reduces breakage too. If you want your wash day results to stay for long then dc every wash. 

  • When to deep condition your hair?

If have dry hair, if you have a job where there is regular exposure to hot sun, if you have colored hair, then in these situations its necessary to dc twice a week. And to those who are not having this situations I will suggest you too to start doing deep conditioning once a week. Also it’s preferable to deep condition on clean hair (wash your hair before d.c) so that you can get all the essential benefits from it. 

  • What to use for deep condition?

There are so many deep conditioners, hair masque available in the market for dry curly/textured hair. You can even create your own at home with coconut milk, banana, avocado, etc. I’ll share recipes of that too so stay tuned for my upcoming articles 😉


Another important and essential thing for curly hair is using heat while you deep condition your hair. There are several tools available for this purpose. If you have low porosity hair then you know that it’s very difficult for the products to enter your hair shafts as the cuticles are tightly closed. And so is for deep conditioner too. If you want to avail all the benefits from your expensive-rich deep conditioner than u have to heat it up a bit. Giving heat while you deep condition, opens up your tight cuticles making it easy for your hair shafts to suck up all the nutrients.

  • Heating tools for deep conditioner:
  1. The most affordable tool you can use while you deep conditioner is a plastic/polythene bag that you have at home. Cover your deep conditioner with it, that will trap the heat coming from you scalp which will boost the benefits of your deep conditioner.
  2. Another affordable and environmental friendly option is using reusable shower caps it’s as effective as plastic bag.
  3. You can even use a microwavable heat cap which remains hot for an hour giving all the heat we need.
  4. There are also cholesterol self-heating conditioning caps available in the market for this purpose (it uses internal body heat).
  5. Thermal heat steamers/head steamers for saloon spa treatments can also be used.
  6. And you can even use your hair dryer over your plastic cap/shower cap/polythene bag to give extra heat to your deep conditioner.

Well I think that’s enough for you to read in one sitting i don’t want you to get tired or overwhelmed, so I am ending this article right here and I’ll continue the rest of the topics in my next article.

Till then enjoy your day and keep curling 🙂

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