How To Add More Volume For Curly Hair

How To Add More Volume For Curly Hair

By Urvi Babaria

Do you know before starting Curly girl method (CG), I never find issues with volume for curly hair. I always had frizzy, puffy, soft ball over my head (I never straightened them so they were soft back then too). But even though I am naturally blessed with volume (thank you Granny for this) I do face volume issues after starting cgm. Your hair might be defined after cg method but they sometimes lack volume especially over the roots. At some point in your cg journey you might have face triangle head situation, flat from roots but voluminous at the bottom. Many girls have asked me about secrete behind defined voluminous curls. But before jumping into more volume for curly hair lets first see factors which affects your volume. There are several factors behind your flat roots and less volume. Let’s have a look at it first.


  • First and foremost a curly should always remember that more the products = the less volume you’ll get and less products = more volume. So using more products especially near your roots is the root cause of less volume. Hence always apply your products from tips to roots and avoid layering your products.
  • Not clarifying regularly: if you have low porosity hair like me than you should know how important clarifying is. Because in low porosity our hair cuticles are tightly packed, so it’s difficult to remove the products entirely and hence after some time your products will start building up on your hair shafts. So we need to clarify at least once a month or once in 15 days with a sulfate shampoo (without silicone) or you can use apple cider vinegar rinse or a clay mask to remove that build up to bring back that bouncy curls.
  • Styling upwards: this is also one of the important factor affecting your volume at roots. It’s always advisable for Wavy’s and Curlies to Style their hair upside down in order to get volume over their roots too. Right from condition to your last step in styling; try to do everything upside down.
  • Another important factor that affects your volume is your hair cut. Yes you read it right, the more uniform your hair will be the less volume you’ll get and the more the layers you have the more volume you’ll get. So if you prefer to get more volume then, always go for layers/ steps with your curly cut.
  • Not doing sotc (scrunch out the crunch) you might find this funny but it’s true. Initially when you start your journey you might not consider this step important, I have seen such curlies who don’t bother to crunch out the cast or shake their roots, so if you fall in this category and want more volume start scrunching out your gel cast and see how fully and bouncy and voluminous your hair can get.
  • Plopping for hours: I might have exaggerated it but it’s true. Plopping for longer duration than needed can make your roots flat and absorb more moisture than required, resulting in flat lifeless curls, so avoid plopping for longer duration. It’s best to plop for 10-15 minutes max.
  • Not washing your conditioner/ deep conditioner from roots: this thing can be seriously damaging for your scalp, don’t ever leave your conditioners or styling products on your scalp this can cause dandruff, itchiness and flaking too. Always apply your conditioner and styling products away from your roots. Nothing should touch your scalp except shampoos and oils. Apply it from tips to roots and make sure your scalp is safe; this is also one of the reasons that your root lies flat and sometimes oily too.

So these are certain factors that can actually affect your volume at roots and overall volume for curly hair and we have already discussed what you can do to avoid such problems. Now let us see few effective hacks to get more voluminous and bouncy curls.


            I have already mentioned few points above, the causes and remedies for the same but there are other techniques too which will help in achieving more volume for curly hair.

  1. Root clipping: This is an Essential curly hair tool. When you hair is wet use this clips to uplift your roots so they don’t get stuck to your scalp while your hair are drying. There are special clips available for this purpose but you can also use your normal regular clips/clutches too to fulfill this task. Part your hair the way you want when it’s wet and clip your roots. When your hair is fully dry, remove these clips and fluff your roots for more volume. This technique is best for wavy and curly hair types.

2. Flip your hair when it’s drying: Weather you are air drying or diffusing flip your hair sideways when it’s drying every 10-15 minutes. This will give you additional bounce to you hair.

3. Hair mousse / Volumanising form: If you have fine wavy/curly hair than incorporate styling mousse/form (cg friendly of course) in your routine. Use it in between your leave in and gel or use it after your leave in without gel. This will give your hair lot of volume plus definition and shine

4. Diffusing: I usually air dry my hair but if you prefer volume than diffuse your hair at least 50% to get a good lift on your roots. And diffuse upside down if possible.

5. Scrunch out the excess water and product: this one is from my personal experience, i love doing squish to condish and that requires lot of water, I even follow that method with praying hands or scrunching and pumping so this leaves lot of water on my hair and I don’t plop or diffuse, which weighs my hair down. But later on I learned from my own mistakes that I should remove all the excess water from my hair once it’s completely styled. This defiantly gives me additional bounce and my roots were happy too.

6. Shake your roots: once your hair dries shake it from roots to wake them up. Do this after sotc when its completely dry, again do this on day2; you might not need to refresh, do this when your hair feels flat from roots even if you’re in public, just flip your hair sideways push your fingers up into the roots and shake shake shake.

7. Roots lifter comb: again use it once your hair is 100% dry and out of cast. Push it into your roots and gently pick your roots. Don’t do this in hurry; you might end up having lot of frizz. Always carry this comb with you wherever you go, this will give a volume boost to your curls.

8. Separate your thick fat clumps: If you have thick curly hair and want instant volume than this tip is for you guys. After sotc take 2-3 drops of your favorite oil in your hands and start separating your thick clumps. This will definitely give you instant voluminous big hair. This is helpful on refresh days too.

9. Use dry shampoo: there are so many curlies who face the problem of oily scalp and dry roots as our sebum cannot travel faster and coat our entire hair. And washing every day or every other day is not at all advisable for curly hair so the best option is to use a cg friendly dry shampoo. This will not only absorb extra oil from your scalp but also lift your roots, giving you amazing volume on your non wash days.

10. Frizz: technically this point should come first. The thing that we mostly fight all our life can be helpful sometimes. Yes frizz does help in creating more volume. My sister has fine wavy hair and believe it or not she loves frizz. The more defined your hair gets the less volume you will have and the less defined the more the volume. So embrace that frizz. It’s good sometimes 😉

All right peeps wrapping up here. These are few tips and causes of less volume that I have faced and learned. Try it and you’ll be amazed by the volume you’ll get. Also some tips may or may not work as every curl is different. But there is no harm in trying right .

Hope this helps. Keep exploring your hair and keep experimenting. Happy healthy hair journey 🙂

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