How To Style Curly Hair For Different Hair Types

How To Style Curly Hair For Different Hair Types

By Urvi Babaria

How to style curly hair is super important in your routine. More than products one should actually focus on Styling Tips. And once you figure out a perfect styling routine stick to it and you’ll see your hair will rock no matter what products you are using. There are different styling techniques in the Curly Girl Method created by different people. And also remember these techniques also works according to Different Hair Textures. What works for type2 Wavy hair might not work for type3 Curly or type 4 Coily hairs. Same goes for the Products too. So your hair is the best judge when it comes to styling techniques.

Why styling is so important in curly hair care?

You might have heard that curly hair has a mind of its own which is absolutely true. You cannot control how your hair will look once it dries but u can style it for sure to make it defined and frizz free. How to style curly hair is inevitable for you.

When to style curly hair?

Curly hair is best when they are wet. You might have noticed that it looks beautiful, frizz free, moisturized when it’s wet. And so that is the best time to style your hair. Styling your hair wet will assure you that your hair will look in a particular way when it gets dry. Before cg when I was unaware about all these things, I used to tie my hair wet to make them straight from crown and that worked for quite some time. So always style your hair when its soaking wet.

How to style curly hair?

When you’ll enter this curly world, you will come across lot of styling techniques. And as I said different techniques works for different hair types. So far I have learned Squish to condish, Rake and shake, Shingling, Finger coiling, Rake in, Scrunching, Scrunch and pump, Braids, Twist outs, twirling… Ah! There could be more 😉

What do these styling techniques do?

We all know that curly hair is naturally frizzy and so these techniques help us to define those curls waves and coils. It gives shine and reduces frizz to a great extent. If you choose right technique you might not have to refresh your hair more often. Our hair has a natural shape and texture of its own and to enhance this texture you need styling techniques. Each curl is unique and you might have more than one texture in your head so explore which technique suits your entire head but again it’s your hair you can use 2-3 techniques at the same time for different parts of your hair.

What you will need to style your hair?

Unlike our straight hair friends, only shampoo and conditioner is not enough. We need more moisture and something that can hold our hair for long duration. So basically you’ll need two products a leave in conditioner and a gel. Leave in conditioner will help in detangling and is a moisture boost for curly hair. It keeps our hair moisturized for longer duration and protects them from dryness. And gels are used to tame frizz and flyways and it define and give hold to our curls. Gel is the last step in styling which seals in the moisture given by conditioner and leave in conditioner and forms a strong cast which will hold curl definition and moisture for longer duration.

Now, since certain questions are answered let me tell you my absolute favorite styling techniques.


If you are in this curly world you might have heard about this technique. It’s very famous and effective. This method focuses on giving optimum hydration to our hair and helps to lock in the mixture of water and conditioner. I came across this method on YouTube and for the first time I felt that this can actually give my hair the best hydration it needed. We all use tons of conditioner on our hair strands In order to moisturize it and make it frizz free and we usually rinse it out, this might work for some but instead of rinsing it out totally squish to condish helps us to lock some conditioner and water inside our hair shafts. Conditioner is a moisturizer but conditioner alone won’t give you the desired moisturizing effect u want, u need to lock in water too in your hair strands to form thick hydrated curl clumps.

Squish to condish
Squish to condish

How to do Squish to Condish:

  • Wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo or co-wash and rinse it out thoroughly.
  • Apply the conditioner from your mid length to tips and then smooth your crown with it, once your hair is fully coated with conditioner sprint some water in your hair and detangle thoroughly.
  • Now the real thing, Flip your hair upside down detangle it one more time and then cup your hands and collect water in it. Squeeze that water in your hair from tips to roots. Do this step for your entire head until your hair stop dripping.
  • You will see beautiful fat clumps forming. By swishing the water in you are forcing the conditioner and water inside the hair cuticles, hair will absorb water and excess conditioner will get removed. This the best way to condish your dry frizzy locks. If you find that your hair is getting frizz and they are not clumping well then add some more conditioner and repeat the same step.
  • Don’t overdo this step. Squishing your hair 4-5 times will be enough. If you’ll do it more than that then you might remove the conditioner totally and you won’t those juicy clumps you desire.
  • Finish your styling by scrunching in your leave in conditioner followed up by Gel.

When to use this method?

You can do this with your regular conditioner (silicone free) every time you wash your hair. You can even do this with your D.C (deep conditioner) if you don’t want to remove your D.C thoroughly. This technique won’t harm your scalp or your hair but make sure your scalp remains clean.

On what texture it will work best?

This technique is best suitable for wavy curly hair; it forms fat juicy clumps and keeps our locks hydrated. Kinky and coily haired can also try this technique but it will show best results for wavy curly hair.


My second most favorite and go to technique is the Praying hands technique. It’s super easy and it assures you to get frizz free defined curls. It helps in reducing flyways and frizz to a great extent. This technique is used to apply styling products after washing your hair. So you can use Squish to condish for conditioning/ deep conditioning and praying hands technique for applying your styling products.

Praying hands technique
Praying hands technique

How to use praying hands technique?

  • Wash and condish your hair first. (with sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner)
  • Take some leave in conditioner in your hand and rub it between your palms and apply that to dripping wet hair. Sandwich your hair in between your palms and smooth your hair from root to tips. It’s better to do this technique upside down. Cover your entire hair and spread the leave in conditioner with praying hands motion. You can even section your hair for even distribution.
  • After smoothing your leave in you can use an enhancing cream to give more definition to your curls but this step is optional.
  • Lastly coat your hair with gel using the same praying hands technique. Smooth each and every curl clump for frizz free defined curls.
  • After applying everything scrunch your hair gently. See that u don’t break your clumps.
  • And done!

Super easy right 😉  You know the good thing about these techniques is they can be modified according to your hair need. So if you don’t want to use praying hands for your entire product application process you can directly use it for gel as gels will clump back your curls and keep your frizz at bay.

When to use this method?

It’s an application method so you can use it for applying any product weather a dc, leave in, gel, curl cream etc. but again make sure you don’t put too much product near your scalp that will cause build ups.

On what texture it will work best?

This technique works best on the coarse wavy curly coily textures. Coarse hair is stubborn and this works best in taming those coarse frizzy flyways. It might work for fine wavy hair too but make sure u scrunch more when you do so.


One of the most defining technique for wavy, curly and even coily hair type. In short it works for almost every hair type. I unknowingly started doing this when I started my curly hair journey. As I have medium to coarse curly hair they get frizzier and the only thing that tame those coarser locks was finger coiling. It’s also a type of training for your natural curls. When you begin your journey it will defiantly take some time to show some decent results and at that time finger coiling will not only define your texture but also train your hair to curl more from your roots.

Finger coiling
Finger coiling

How to do finger coiling?

  • The rest of the steps are similar u can use any technique to apply products and your conditioner.
  • After applying your styling products take a small section / curl clump in your finger and start coiling/ twirling it in your finger and move upward till the roots. Hold it for few seconds and the leave it you’ll see a beautiful coil will be formed.
  • Do this for the entire head.
  • If your hair starts drying during the process then rewet it with little water and start coiling.
  • This process is bit tedious but it’s worth your time taken.
  • You can do this for small sections and also for big sections as per your requirement. But smaller the section more defined your curls will be.
  • Make sure the last product (gel/curl cream) you use should have a good slip. Otherwise you might break your own hair.
  • You can also do this technique for your deep conditioners too.

What finger coiling will do?

It will define your curls, reduces frizz to a great extent, anchorage your curls to curl more, train your hair and even adds volume. Don’t scrunch after this technique that might ruin your pattern.

What to use to finger coil?

Always use a slippery product. Flaxseed gel works best for this technique, Curl creams, Curl enhancers and curling jelly will work best for this method. Use a good dc with amazing slip if you want to finger coil during your deep conditioning sessions too.

On what texture this will work best?

It works best on curly and coily hair types. Wavy’s mostly use squish to condish and pulsing technique to get better definition.

So this is it these are my most favorite styling techniques I hope it helps you with your curly journey 🙂

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