Curly Hair Essentials Part 2

Curly Hair Essentials Part 2

By Urvi Babaria

Hey there! Yes you beautiful, if you are new here than head over to the first article for curly hair essentials so that you’ll get the basic understanding of this topic. I’ll list out the topics here though so if you are still here you might get tempted to read the first four points first:

List of Curly hair essentials:

  1. Use satin/silk while you are sleeping.
  2. Use microfiber towels or cotton/t-shirt instead of regular/terry cotton towels.
  3. Deep condition once a week (strictly for newbies).
  4. Use heat for deep conditioning.
  5. Use wide tooth combs to detangle.
  6. Use Satin scrunchy/ invisibobble (wired rubber bands).
  7. Use Diffuser dryer (with cool settings).
  8. Use Root clips/ Root picker for volume.
  9. Spray water bottle.
  10. Curly hair products.

Since, we have already discussed about the importance of this little things in your hair journey in the first article about curly hair essentials lets jump directly to the 5th point. (So if you are still here wondering here quickly head over to the first article ;))


The most common questions I have been asked lately about curly hair essentials by strangers especially old ladies are ,”Are you detangling your hair?” , “It must have been hard detangling your hair right?” “How do you detangle your hair?” and when I say I don’t detangle my hair every day… they make weird faces and end up saying, “Of course it looks like you’ll need hours to detangle your hair” Oh common! It’s not that hard. Sigh!

But on serious note there are few things we should keep in mind when it comes to detangling curly hair. Curly hair is fragile, so always detangle it when it’s wet or when it’s covered with conditioner. Never dry comb Curly/Textured hair that will open your curls and convert your hair into a frizz ball. Also never use a brush to detangle curly hair, it will not only break your hair but can even make them weak from your roots that leads to unnecessary shading. Except if that brush is specially meant to detangle curly hair, like tangle teaser, flexi brush, wet brush etc.

But the best and most efficient and economical option is your very own fingers. That is commonly known as finger detangling. It’s especially for the people who have short hair and for those whose hair gets tangled easily. Always detangle from tips to roots. And for long curly hair I will certainly recommend you to use a wide tooth comb. Wide tooth combs are easily available in the market at affordable prices. I personally keep two wide tooth combs, one in the shower and the other outside to detangle before styling, which assures me that my hair is completely tangled free. Also if possible use a wooden comb that is softer on curls compared to plastic combs.


Do you know natural hair gets affected by the atmosphere too? Yes it has a huge impact on your wave’s, curls and coils. Dew points, humidity, cold air, hot air, etc. all these plays equal part on how your hair will look every day. But we are not studying that today. We’ll learn how to deal with it in an easy way. And that is by using silk/satin scrunches, bobby pins, invisibobble/wired rubber bands, huff cuff’s etc. these are your little saviors when environment is not at your side. Always carry these little accessories with you when you are travelling and with this you can change your bad hair days into good.

Seriously I am not joking curly hair is truly versatile. You can wear a messy bun, half bun, a pony tail, half pony tail, side pony tail, braids anything that you know and trust me everything will look sexy and cute at the same time 😉 all you have to do is be innovative. These are also your rescuers for day2-3-4-5 if you are not a refresh person.


You know before CG Method when I was washing my hair they used to dry within an hour but… after cg … well I don’t want to scare you but it takes 4-5 hours max to dry my hair completely. And that is actually a good thing but can be irritating to some. I love air drying my hair, this natural process looks magical. Watching your curls turning from flat to fluffy is something I like to witness the most. But if you are not like me and don’t like your hair being wet for longer duration there is a solution for you too.


By using a dryer with a diffuser attachment you can dry your hair within an hour. But don’t use the hot settings that will create frizz and will harm your hair too. Always dry your hair with cool settings. There are so many diffusers available in the market you can choose according to your budget. Or you can sit under a hooded dryer too (you might have seen at saloons). Just sit under it for half an hour and done. Or there is one more option you can use, a portable hooded dryer which you can attach with your dryer and sit for 30 minutes or so.


Why you need a diffuser?

Even though if you are happy with air drying, there will be days in your life when you’ll need this instrument with you. Trust me I am 90% air drying person but when have I an accidental wash day or I have to go out in an hour or if I am travelling at cool places I need this, hence it’s my essential.


When you’ll start using styling products in your hair you’ll see that your lion’s mane is gradually becoming quite and sometimes not visible. Yes I am talking about your Hair Volume. Some people are blessed with natural volume specially curlies with 3c to 4c hair types but if you are a Wavy curly then you might suffer from volume at roots. There are many reasons why you don’t get volume over your crown but I am here for its solutions, so to avoid such problems incorporate root clips and coot lifters or pickers in your wash day routine.

Root clips: are used on wet hair after styling also known as saloon clips, to uplift your roots from getting flat. Because there are products in your hair your hair may weigh down a bit and sometimes because of your hair’s weight it can become flat and greasy so root clips will help you when you air dry or diffuse your hair and will give you more volume that you desire.

Root picker/lifter: use it on dry hair to uplift your roots once it’s dry. There are so many videos and Tutorials where you can see how to fluff your roots and how to use this comb. Make sure your hair is 100% dry when you do this to avoid frizz. It’s easy to do when with your head upside down. And it’s best for wavy, curly hair types as they are the once who lacks volume over the crown.


This is also a must for a curly girl. Make water your best friend, it gives optimum hydration and emulsifying your products with water will give you frizz free juicy clumps. We all love our wash days, our hair looks frizz free, defined, shiny, etc. but right from day 2 it looks dull, frizzy, lifeless… we can’t wash our hair everyday right, hence we all need a spray bottle to refresh our dry locks.

Just like we drink water whenever we feel thirsty, similarly hydrate your hair whenever they are thirsty. Spray water bottle with fine mist will help you with this refreshing job. Always carry it with you. You can do full refresh and even spot refresh with it. Refresh means you are not letting your scalp to get wet; you are just hydrating your hair strands. “Frizz is a curl waiting to happen”, says the founder of the curly girl method “Lauren Massey”. And sometimes only water can do this job. Water also activates your styling products (use silicone and alcohol free natural products). I’ll write a full article on different types of refreshes so stay tuned 😉


Last but not the least, Curly hair products. Why I specifically wrote curly hair products? Coz we need natural, sulfate, silicone, alcohol free products for our hair and the commercial products which you see in advertisements are filled with harmful chemicals. So always read ingredients when you shop a hair product. Also I have been asked several times that do I actually need products? I would say yes.

If your hair are curly and dry you need it darling. Products are not just used to define your curls but also to hold your curls for long duration. There will be time in your life that you won’t need to refresh your hair for the entire week and your curls will look moisturized, soft and frizz free but this can only happen with constant use of natural products, deep conditioning and mastering your technique. Also different hair textures need different products so choose wisely.

curly hair Products

So these are my curly hair essentials I hope this helps you with your hair journey. You can make your own essentials list too. Make sure whatever you use is useful there are other things too like natural oils, clarifying shampoos, acv etc. which comes in my essential list but I don’t want to bore you, so by saying this I am ending my article here. Do try to incorporate these little things in your journey and see how they change your hair in no time J

See you next time till then happy curling 🙂

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