Hair is the most important part of our body.  It plays a significant role in our society. Especially for a woman, it is a part of her identity, it defines her beauty, enhances her personality, it’s an essential part of her appearance, it gives her confidence and it even decides her mood sometimes.

So it is essential to take good care of our hair because natural hair is the best crown a Girl can have, but before jumping into It, it is necessary to learn about curly Hair types first.

When I was young I had no idea that hair can be divided into various categories. And different hair type needs Different Hair Routines and Different Techniques. Where I come from majority of people still thinks that hair is either Straight or Curly. People don’t know what they need for textured hair and what to use on straight hair and so they treat them as SAME. They use same Products and Techniques for every hair type. Just shampoo and conditioner and done. Some even don’t use conditioners. They don’t know what to do with textured hair and so they end up straightening and smoothening in order to fit in the society and make it look manageable and in doing so they lose their identity. But all thanks to Internet and social media, coz now we can finally bifurcate and understand our hair better by knowing our hair type. And with proper technique and right products we rock our natural hair .

So what are we waiting for let’s dive in.

Hair is basically divided into four types:

  • Type 1 :Straight
  • Type 2 :Wavy
  • Type 3 :Curly 
  • Type 4 :Coily

Now before understanding hair type one should keep in mind that an individual can have multiple hair texture on their head and it can be straight-wavy or wavy- curly or curly-coily. But knowing the type and texture will further help you in deciding the best technique and products your hair needs.

Function of hair: Our hair is made up of Keratin Protein and the structure of our hair consist several different layers. It’s divided into 3 different layers which are CUTICLE, CORTEX and MEDULLA. Each layer plays significant part in the characteristic of our hair. And the shape of hair fibers determines whether it’s straight or curly. People with straight hair have round fibers and people with wavy or curly hair have oval fibers.

Straight Hair​

This is the hair type that has been fantasized by majority of women all around the world it looks perfect and sleek. People say it’s professional. So we basically know what straight hair is. Straight hair is also most resistant of all hair types. You cannot damage straight hair easily and it’s difficult to curl them. Our skin has Sebaceous glands and so does our scalp too which produces an oily substance called Sebum (a protective oil). It protects our hair against dehydration and since the roots of straight hair people are straight sebum travels faster through hair follicles. That’s why their hair look more shiny and healthy compared to curly locks. Straight hair is also the oiliest hair type.

Now that u have basic idea what is our hair is made of and why they are straight or curly, let’s see the rest of the hair type so u can figure out your own. Wavy, curly and coily are textured hair types which are further divided into sub categories as Fine (A), Medium (B) and Coarse (C).


Straight hair

Wavy Hair​

Wavy hair as i said earlier is textured hair type, it is often mistaken as straight hair but it tends to get more frizzy and dry. It has a significant S pattern that lays flat from roots but tends to get wavy from middle.  

2 A

Wavy hair 2a

People with 2A waves have fine hair, and it’s almost similar to straight hair. They look lifeless and limp and tend to get oily more often. It easily gets weigh down by heavy styling products. U need to wash it more often as sebum spreads faster over the length.

2 B

Wavy hair 2b

People with 2B hair type have thick hair compared to 2As it looks flatter from roots but forms beautiful defined S- shaped waves from middle. Hair strands are thicker and fuller in diameter compared to 2A waves.

2 C

Wavy hair 2c

People with 2C hair type have coarse hair. They are bit difficult to maintain and tends to get frizzy. Here hair forms S shape from the roots itself and are much defined compared to previous two hair types. They are also known as beachy waves. It’s more resistant to styling.

Curly hair can be loose curls to tight springs. They have some shine but are prone to Frizz. Mostly people have combination of different textures, they have more volume compared to type2s but it requires more attention.

3 A

People with 3A hair type have fine hair, with big loose curls and sometimes spiral too. They are easy to style. They look shiny but can get frizzy too. If styled properly they are most defined S- shaped curls. People mostly have combination of 2C 3A curl type or 3A 3B curl type on their head.

3 B

People with 3B hair type have medium to coarse hair they are denser compared to 3A curls. They have spring texture and their curls very from ringlets to spirals. They look more voluminous but are less shiny compared to 3A.

3 C

People with 3C hair type are often mistaken as coily hair. They have tight curls and are really dense. They look like straw in shape and he entire head is covered with tight ringlets. They easily gets frizzy and are little fragile too. They also shrink a lot compared to 3A-3B curls. And they always look voluminous.

Coily Hair ​

When I studied this hair type I found that it’s the most fragile hair type of all. They look really dense but in reality they are the most fine and thin compare to the rest of the hair types. It needs lot of attention and moisture. They are naturally very dry and coarse because it’s very difficult for sebum (natural oil) to pass on to the hair strands. Retaining moisture is the top most priority of this hair type and they experience highest shrinkage among all the above hair types. It is also subdivided into 4A, 4B and 4C Let’s spread some light on it. It is also called kinky – coily hair type.

4 A

Type 4A is little similar to 3C but definitely requires more attention and moisture then Curly hair. It’s a very tight coily springy texture. They appear dense but are very fine and thin, coarse hair. It still has visible S or Z shape texture. And protective styles helps to retain the moisture in also it easily get tangled. Moisturizing creams and butters are more useful.  

4 B

Coily hair 4b

Now the real deal has started, people with 4B hair type have more coils in place of curls. It has more Z shape texture and it’s very tight and dense. This texture lacks definition and shine. They look like braids and heavy butters and oils will help in retaining the moisture in the hair strands.

4 C

Coily hair 4c

This hair type experiences the highest shrinkage and it’s most fragile of all. It looks like 4B but its more dense compare to 4A and 4B hair types. The coils are really tight here and it feels like a fur ball. Creams, oils and butters will help in retaining moisture but it will lack definition.